Our Topic

Our topic

:,: Our topic for today is clear as crystal / How can we spread it far and wide / We must be kind and warm and caring / So that life will have a perfect ride :,:

In Lapland lived a very old fellow / Good Will for him was a precious fact / Soon he became our Father Christmas  / Along with good word he would act

Baby Jesus had been born to be our Saviour  / Good Tidings must be taken everywhere / So our grey old friend decided / Celebrations must be held just there

:,: Our topic…. :,:

Invitations went in many strange places / Father Frost from east was very swift / To gather round his furry friends and sledges / Which gave his journey a real lift

Came Weihnachtsmann from German forest / St Nicholas from very far away / Père Noël was ready to get started / He wouldn’t want to wait another day

:,: Our topic…. :,:

Swedish Tomten and Norway’s Julenissen / Heard the call from Lapland’s lonely hill / For Japan Elf it was the biggest wonder / How Northern Lights the sky with colours fill

Peace and calm and silence was unbroken / Among the snow our friends were pondering / How best to share with the whole world / This wonderful and precious thing

Composed by Jukka Valtonen
English words by Kirsi Preston

In YouTube in paavoporonkino: ENG_sing3.mov


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