The Song of Ded Moroz / Grandfather Frost

Ded Moroz

Oh what a wonder, oh what confusion / Grandfather Frost has got his call / Fill up the troika with ammunition / Against the ice and cold nightfall

Troika or sleigh are we taking? / We need them both that’s what I think / Enough room we must be making /For all the lovely food and drink

Early, so very early / We start for tundra and freezing cold / Long and so winding is our journey / But our process is very bold / More than a week we have been spending

To arrive from east to west / And if we have not been mistaking / At last the dogs can have a rest

When we arrived at Ear Mountain / Was this the place we had to reach? / I did remember the beginning / This destination was for each

Of us who wanted to be hugging  / Father Christmas in our turn / And these hugs were so embracing / Indeed our old friend did them earn

Composed by Jukka Valtonen
English words by Kirsi Preston

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Our Topic

Our topic

:,: Our topic for today is clear as crystal / How can we spread it far and wide / We must be kind and warm and caring / So that life will have a perfect ride :,:

In Lapland lived a very old fellow / Good Will for him was a precious fact / Soon he became our Father Christmas  / Along with good word he would act

Baby Jesus had been born to be our Saviour  / Good Tidings must be taken everywhere / So our grey old friend decided / Celebrations must be held just there

:,: Our topic…. :,:

Invitations went in many strange places / Father Frost from east was very swift / To gather round his furry friends and sledges / Which gave his journey a real lift

Came Weihnachtsmann from German forest / St Nicholas from very far away / Père Noël was ready to get started / He wouldn’t want to wait another day

:,: Our topic…. :,:

Swedish Tomten and Norway’s Julenissen / Heard the call from Lapland’s lonely hill / For Japan Elf it was the biggest wonder / How Northern Lights the sky with colours fill

Peace and calm and silence was unbroken / Among the snow our friends were pondering / How best to share with the whole world / This wonderful and precious thing

Composed by Jukka Valtonen
English words by Kirsi Preston

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Leaving for the Land of Christmas (The Song of Savukoski)

Leaving for the land of Christmas / Plan your journey carefully /Try to take with you a compass / And you’ll get there certainly

Sharply turn at Rovaniemi / To your right and then you’ll see / It’s easy to reach Savukoski / Just near where you want to be

From the fell we hear the voices / Singing as they call our name / Every little elf rejoices / With the thought we really came

Northern lights, they will be lit now / Someone comes to turn the switch / We are waiting, wondering how / The surprises will be rich

Here comes waddling Father Christmas / Glowing out with happiness / Arm in arm with Mother Christmas / She’s not smiling any less

Good will greets us everywhere / Have we come to Paradise / Touched by all this until there / Are tiny tears in our eyes

Composed by Jukka Valtonen
English words by Kirsi Preston

A Song of Paavo the Reindeer

We elves want to give the words of our songs to all children in the world. Here is the first one:

Paavo the Reindeer

Paavo the Reindeer went out looking / For Lapland lichen for his lunch / His little hoof must have hit something / Santa’s memoirs was his first hunch
The manuscript is old and broken / It needs a long and good repair / But I can say in the same token / Far back in time it makes us fare
Now look through your Fairytale Eyes /And you’ll be getting up to speed / To your joy you begin to realize / This journey’s all the fun you need
Page after page we find surprises / About the times that have long gone / And when another question arises / We travel on and on and on
Now look through your Fairytale Eyes / And you’ll be getting up to speed / To your joy you begin to realize / Christmas is all the fun you need

Composed by Jukka Valtonen
English words by Kirsi Preston

Listen to: A Song of Paavo the

A New Ear Mountain Site

Some elves of Santa Claus decided to begin this new internet site, because the former site “” is no more available. On this site they want to share the songs  that were composed  some years ago.

You have perhaps heard of a book: Santa’s Memoirs (or Father Christmas: My Memoirs). On the book there were “magic” codes that led to mobile phone or internet site to see videos and listen to songs and Santa telling his stories. Those codes had lost there magic and now elves must share otherwise the digital content.

That’s why the active elves turned to

Let’s see what they can do!